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User Datagram Protocol (UDP) provides a number of advantages over traditional Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) including lower packet vulnerability and the ability to maximize use of existing bandwidth.

See a List of TEN BENEFITS, technical specs and other STORM features here:

UDP Benefits

STORM - created for the most demanding application - Olympic broadcasting.

When TBS - one of Japan's largest national broadcasters - high speed file transferrealized that existing high-speed file transfer applications were not going to get the job done for a task as demanding as Olympics coverage would require, they used STORM to ensure that Japanese audiences got the speedy, quality coverage they demanded for both the Vancouver and London Olympics.

After a successful run on one of the world's most-watched stages, STORM is now successfully utilized by over a dozen of Japan's broadcasters and has proven itself in one of the world's most technologically advanced and demanding environments.

Now in 2013, STORM is available to broadcasters everywhere.

packet loss

With a simple drag & drop interface, reduced vulnerability to packet loss and a list of other advanced features, it is the one data transfer protocol that let's Broadcasters forget about the technology and focus on the core business of bringing content to their audiences!

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